World Latin Dance Cup Results 2013

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Finals results of the 2013 World Latin Dance Cup

Salsa Cabaret Team

1st Place – Balcon De Los Artistas (Colombia)
2nd Place – Baila Con Migo
3rd Place – Imperio Juvenil (Colombia)

Salsa Cabaret 

1st Place – Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano (Argentina/Chile)
2nd Place – Nicholas and Katharine (Colombia)
3rd Place – Jefferson Benjumea & Adrianita Avila (Colombia)

Salsa Couple Male (Same Gender)

1st Place – John Narvaez & Andrew Cervantes (USA)
2nd Place – Javier and Tony (Costa Rica/Panama)
3rd Place – Juan and Ron (Colombia)

Salsa Teams

1st Place – Salsamania (USA)
2nd Place – Estudio Naccional De Baile (Ecuador)
3rd Place – Estilo Dance Company (USA)

Salsa On2

1st Place – David Zepeda & Paulina Posadas Dagio (Mexico)
2nd Place – Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso (Italy)
3rd Place – Dimitris Psychogyios & Stella Koutsoulidou (Greece)

Salsa On1

1st Place – Rafael Barros & Carine Moraes (Brazil)
2nd Place – Lorena Bargalló & Diego Echenique (Spain/Uruguay)
3rd Place – Javier & Erica

Salsa Mens Teams

1st Place – Baila Con Migo
2nd Place – Salsa Con Estillo (El Salvador)
3rd Place – Modus Vivendi (Australia)

Salsa Female Teams

1st Place – Baila Con Migo
2nd Place – Companera De Bailame Extremo
3rd Place – Balcon De Los Artistas (Colombia)

Bachata Cabaret

1st Place – Andres & Sylvia (Italy)
2nd Place – Sandra & Sabastian (Chile)
3rd Place – Simone & Serena (Italy)

Bachata Couples

1st Place – Darlin & Gabby
2nd Place – Gabrielle & Eva (Chile)
3rd Place – Declan & Arianna (Peru)

Amateur Bachata Couples

1st Place – Alberto & Gabriella (Mexico/Puerto Rico)
2nd Place – Nate & Edith (Hungary)
3rd Place – Brian & Saki (Australia)

Cha Cha Cha Couples

1st Place – Jeremy & Daniella (Colombia)
2nd Place – Cristian & Maria
3rd Place – William & Erica

Bachata Group

1st Place – Modus Vivendi (Australia)
2nd Place – Groupo America (Canada)

Salsa Female (Same Gender)

1st Place – Linda & Yvonne (Colombia)
2nd Place – Jaclyn & Ana (Puerto Rico)
3rd Place – Jennifer & Natalia (Colombia)

Soloist Male

1st Place – Rodrigo Jimenez (Argentina)
2nd Place – Arieh Alexander (USA)
3rd Place – Simone Sanfilippo (Italy)

Soloist Female

1st Place – Alien Ramirez (Cuba)
2nd Place – Serena Maso (Italy)
3rd Place – Jacyln Ramos (Puerto Rico)

Amateur Salsa Team

1st Place – MG Dance Team (USA)
2nd Place – Latin Vibe
3rd Place – Clave Latina (Colombia)

Amateur 65+

1st Place – Jonathan & Isabelle (Peru)
2nd Place – Alex & Abigail (Canada)
3rd Place – Daniel & Katja (Germany)

Cuban Style Couple

1st Place – Ricardo & Sylvia

Collegiate Dance Team

1st Place – University of San Jose Spartans

Pro-AM Couples

1st Place – Andrew & Sheena Fajardo
2nd Place – Nestor & Sophie Fletcher Watson (Australia)
3rd Place – William & Gabriella (USA/Mexico)

Casino Rueda

1st Place – Grupo America (Canada)

Amateur Bachata Team

1st Place – Alma Latina

Amateur Soloist Women

1st Place – Sophie Fletcher Watson (Australia)
2nd Place – Caitlin Kelly (USA)
3rd Place – Mary (Australia)

Amateur Salsa On2

1st Place – Tabahaki & Hiroko Hashimoto (Japan)
2nd Place – Cristian & Yvette (Mexico)
3rd Place – Garbrielle & Armando (USA)

Amateur Salsa On1

1st Place – Helen Vasquez & Juan Carlos Camarena
2nd Place – Noriaki Watanabee & Chihiro Watanabee (Japan)
3rd Place – Eric & Brenda (Ecuador)

Amateur Soloist Men

1st Place – Julius Bustan (Philippines)
2nd Place – Junior Gomez
3rd Place – Edgar Perez (Colombia)

Junior Teams

1st Place – Baila Con Migo
2nd Place – Pioneros Del Ritmo
3rd Place – Revoluccion Salsera

Junior Couple

1st Place – Brandon Ayala & Natasha (Colombia)
2nd Place – James & Samantha (Colombia)
3rd Place – Lisandro Perez & Amy Bayoma (El Salvador/USA)

Junior Soloist:

1st Place – Brandon Ayala (Colombia)
2nd Place – Juian Tellez (USA)
3rd Place – Jenalyn Saraza-Pacheco (Canada)

Children Couples:

1st Place – Eduardo & Beverly (New Jersey, USA)
2nd Place – Kevin & Gabby (New Jersey, USA)
3rd Place – Johnathan & Nicole (Colombia)

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